Phuket Thailand Motorbike Rental Insurance Comparison.

When it comes to motorbike rentals in Phuket, Bikago stands out from the crowd with its comprehensive and affordable bike rental insurance options. While other companies may offer basic coverage (or worse NONE!), Bikago goes the extra mile to protect its customers with a range of add-ons that provide peace of mind on the road.

With Bikago’s comprehensive bike rental insurance, you can enjoy the freedom and thrill of exploring Phuket on two wheels without worrying about the financial consequences of an accident. 

So, hop on a bike, embrace the adventure, and let Bikago take care of the rest.

Getting a Phuket Motorbike for Rent? Get Insurance Too!

But don’t take my word for it! I compared the different scooter rental insurance options across different motorcycle rental companies and this is what I’ve found:

Motorbike Insurance*(?)

Cancellation Insurance

Third Party Insurance*(?)

Motorbike Theft Insurance*(?)

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Bikago’s bike rental insurance includes:

Different Types of Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike Insurance ensures peace of mind, covering you for significant expenses if your motorbike suffers damage, theft, or accident-related issues.

Motorbike Damage Insurance

Murphy’s law. Stuff happens. Damage insurance keeps your mind at peace so you can enjoy your holiday. Bikago for example handles all repair costs over USD 95. Plus, if your motorbike becomes unavailable during your rental, they will provide a replacement until your rental period ends.

Cancellation Insurance 

It’s bad enough when you have to cancel holiday plans. Losing money on it is even worse. This is why cancellation insurance is such a wonderful thing. Look for scooter rental providers who offer cancellation insurance

Motorbike Theft Insurance

The worst can happen. In the case of your scooter or motorcycle getting stolen, insurance will cover you from a hefty charge. 

Choosing the Right Scooter Rental Company

In addition to these standard insurance options you can use to assess providers, you can also make decisions about which motorcycle rental service in Phuket to go with based on the add-ons that they offer. Check out my scooter rental add-ons comparison, or get a higher level look at what each company has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want all your questions answered? Check out all the frequently asked questions I’ve gotten over the years.

To avoid hefty repair costs from accidents or the expense of replacing a stolen scooter or motorbike, opting for insurance is wise.

In Phuket, theft isn’t uncommon, and I always ensure my rental includes theft coverage. While some budget rental services may downplay the risk, the reality is, you’ll be liable for costs if your bike is stolen.

For instance, if you’re renting a Yamaha Nmax or Honda PCX, you could face a bill up to USD 3,000. It’s crucial to consider these risks and protect yourself with appropriate insurance.

Better safe than sorry right?

Riding in Phuket can be considered safe overall. The traffic might be a bit chaotic and dense, with rules that aren’t always clear-cut, but the general speed is slow, which is how you should approach it too. Just relax, maintain a steady pace, and keep that grin on. Stay alert for the unexpected like kids, dogs, and yes, even chickens crossing your path! 🐔

When you’re out and about on your motorbike or scooter in Phuket, keep these key traffic rules in mind:

  1. Stick to the left side of the road.
  2. Observe speed limits, typically 40-60 km/h on smaller roads.
  3. Adhere to all traffic signs and signals, including stop and yield signs.
  4. Use your headlights during the night and in poor visibility conditions like rain or fog. Modern bikes usually have permanent head and tail lights.
  5. Helmets are mandatory for both drivers and passengers.
  6. Drinking and driving is a serious offense with stringent penalties.
  7. Avoid using your mobile phone while driving, unless it’s hands-free.
  8. Give way to pedestrians, especially at crosswalks and while they’re crossing.


Remember, traffic enforcement might be relaxed in certain areas, so always stay vigilant and mindful of your surroundings.

Absolutely, it’s a common sight to spot locals riding without helmets on brief trips, yet wearing one is a legal requirement. Not only does it keep you on the right side of the law, but it also significantly reduces the risk of injuries. Compliance with this rule is crucial for both legal and health reasons.

If you happen to have an accident while using a rented scooter in Phuket, your utmost priority should be ensuring the safety of yourself and everyone else involved in the incident. If necessary, seek medical assistance promptly. You have the option to dial 191, which is the primary emergency number for accessing police, fire department, and ambulance services.

Furthermore, Phuket offers a range of additional emergency contact numbers:

  • 191: This serves as the dedicated emergency line for contacting the police.
  • 1199: This number is specifically designated for reaching the fire department.
  • 1155 or +66 076219878: You can use these contact details to reach the Tourist Police if needed.


Phuket International Hospital Ambulance Service

(+66) 076.210-935

Phuket International Hospital, Bypass Road

(+66) 076-249-400

Patong Hospital

(+66) 076-344-225, 076-342-633-4

Ruan Paet Hospital, Phuket Town

(+66) 076-211-578, 076-212-950, 076-216-179

Vachira Hospital, Phuket Town

(+66) 076-211-114, 076-217-294-8

Mission Hospital, Phuket Town

(+66) 076-237-220-6, 076-211-908

Bangkok Phuket Hospital, Phuket Town

(+66) 076-254-421

It’s essential to keep in mind that English-speaking operators may not always be available when contacting emergency services in Phuket. It’s advisable to have a local individual or someone fluent in Thai with you to assist in case of an emergency.

After ensuring everyone’s safety, the next step is to get in touch with your scooter rental company and report the accident. They will dispatch someone to the accident site to assess the scooter’s damage and might contact the police to document the incident.

In situations where there are no injuries and the scooter damage is minor, you might have the opportunity to negotiate with the rental company to cover the repair costs. However, if the damage is substantial or if there are injuries involved, you will be responsible for the expenses.

It’s crucial to be aware that in Phuket, as well as throughout Thailand, it’s illegal to drive without a valid license, an International Driver’s License, and proper insurance coverage. This could have implications for potential claims and legal proceedings arising from the accident.

I strongly recommend ensuring you possess a valid International Driver’s License and appropriate scooter insurance coverage before operating a rented scooter in Phuket or anywhere else in Thailand. Consider whether you would operate a car or scooter without the required license and insurance in your home country.