Bike Rental Phuket Comparison Guide

Navigating the motorbike and scooter rental scene in Phuket can stressful, even for experienced travelers. The sheer number of options available makes it easy to get overwhelmed and make an ill-informed decision. That’s why I’ve taken all my travel experience and put together a deep dive comparison of bike rental in Phuket options.

Bikago. With Bikago, you can expect a premium rental experience that rivals that of car rentals, all at a fraction of the cost. Their emphasis on quality and reliability sets them apart from their more budget-oriented competitors, making them my go-to choice for motorbike rentals in Phuket.

I’ve been using Bikago’s services since 2014, and their commitment to customer satisfaction has never wavered. Their delivery and pick-up service is a game-changer, allowing me to inspect and test the bike in the comfort of my own accommodation. And their inclusion of smartphone holders, first aid kits, full tanks of gas, sanitized helmets, and various insurance options further elevates the rental experience.


While some companies charge extra for delivery and pick-up, especially in remote areas of Phuket, Bikago provides this service as part of their standard package. This dedication to convenience is just one of the many reasons why I wholeheartedly recommend Bikago to anyone seeking a hassle-free motorbike rental experience in Phuket.

Of course, safety should always be the top priority when renting a motorbike or scooter. Always wear a helmet, carry an International Drivers License, and never drink and drive. With these precautions in mind, you can enjoy the freedom and exhilaration that comes with exploring Phuket on two wheels.

Bike Rental Phuket - Addons Comparison Guide

But don’t take my word for it, let’s get into the meat of it. Here is my comparison of the different scooter rentals in Phuket.

Sanitized Helmets

Full Tank of Petrol

Extensive Quality Check*(?)

Delivery Airport

Delivery all over Phuket

4G Tourist SIM Card

Unlimited Mileage

Charging phone holder

First Aid Medical Kit*(?)

Short term rental*(?)



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Want a high level look at how all these scooter and motorbike rental service providers are different? I’ve got you covered.

Bike Rental in Phuket Has Never Been Easier

I’ve been on a mission, weaving through the streets of Phuket, to personally test drive the plethora of motorbike and scooter rentals just for you. 

With each rev and ride, I’ve taken notes on the nitty-gritty—from the ease of the booking process to the smoothness of each scooter’s handlebars. 

No stone’s left unturned, no bike untested. I’m here to give you the real deal, the full scoop, so you can make the choice that’s right for you. Your perfect Phuket ride awaits, and I’m here to help you find it!

If you think I’ve missed anything get in touch and I’ll be swift to update my blog so it can continue to help riders from all over the world in one of my favourite places.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Bike Rental in Phuket

Want all your questions answered? Check out all the frequently asked questions I’ve gotten over the years.

To rent a vehicle, ensure you have an official driver’s license from your country and an International Driving Permit, as relying solely on a local license may not suffice legally. Secure an IDP through global driving organizations. You’ll also need to present a photocopy of your passport. A monetary deposit is typically required by most rental services. Riders are generally expected to be 18 or older and possess some prior experience with motorbikes for safety and assurance.

Absolutely, you must have an international license to operate a motorbike in Phuket. If you haven’t secured one yet, you can apply online for an electronic version that’s delivered to your inbox within a couple of hours. I can personally vouch for its legitimacy as I’ve used it on multiple occasions without any hitches with the local law enforcement!

Indeed, I’d say it’s essential. With virtually no public transport options and costly taxis that often get trapped in Phuket’s frequent traffic snarls on its slim roads, renting a bike becomes a smart choice. It can save you from wasting precious hours of your trip. If you’re hesitant about motorbiking, consider taking some lessons to boost your confidence. It’s a fantastic way to ensure you experience the best of Phuket! Interested in learning more? Check out this link for scooter lessons.

Opting for a solo adventure on Phuket’s streets without committing to lengthy journeys? A Honda Scoopy (110cc) or Honda Click (160cc) will suit your needs perfectly.

Conversely, if you’re venturing further afield or traveling with a companion, I’d suggest considering robust models like the Yamaha Nmax, Honda PCX, Honda CB 150X, or Yamaha XSR for those extended road explorations.

When you opt to rent a scooter or motorbike in Phuket, the rental expenses you’ll incur can vary based on several factors, including:

  • Your preferred type of scooter rental in Phuket.
  • The duration of your motorbike or scooter rental period.
  • Your specific location within Phuket.
  • The reputation and reliability of the rental company in Phuket that you choose.


Scooter or motorbike rentals in Phuket that encompass features such as insurance coverage, delivery, pickup, roadside assistance, customer support, and dependable vehicles will naturally come at a higher price compared to budget scooter rentals in Phuket operating from roadside stands. The pricing of Phuket scooter rentals is tied to the quality, much like how the quality of a hotel room or villa rental in Phuket affects its cost. Opting for lower standards will result in a more budget-friendly option, while seeking safety, comfort, and cleanliness will entail a slightly higher cost.

On average, renting a standard automatic scooter (110cc-125cc) in Phuket typically ranges from 250 to 350 Thai Baht per day (approximately USD 7.00 to USD 10), whereas a premium automatic scooter (150cc-250cc) can come up to 1500 Thai Baht per day (USD 12 to USD 20).

It’s crucial to be aware that some motorcycle rental companies in Phuket may necessitate a valid international driver’s license (as it’s mandated by law) and/or a cash deposit. Always ensure to review the terms of your Phuket scooter rental agreement before making any online or cash payments. In Phuket, motorbike rental insurance can be scarce, so I strongly advise against renting any motorized vehicle anywhere in the world without proper insurance coverage. Additionally, inquire with the Phuket scooter rental company you are considering whether they conduct thorough inspections of their bikes before renting them out to customers. Even if they do, it’s advisable to inspect the scooter or motorbike yourself before signing your Rental Agreement in Phuket to prevent any potential misunderstandings or disputes with the rental company.

Certainly, securing scooter rentals in Thailand, including Phuket, proves to be a straightforward process. A multitude of rental firms and stores provide scooter rental services, and for added convenience, online booking platforms are readily accessible.

In Thailand, it is essential to hold a valid driver’s license explicitly authorizing the operation of motorcycles or scooters, along with an International Driver’s License. Possessing only a standard car driver’s license may not meet the necessary requirements.

Not at all, a valid driver’s license is a mandatory requirement for renting a bike or scooter in Thailand, which includes Phuket. Typically, either an international driver’s license or a locally issued Thai driver’s license is acceptable for this purpose.

Certainly, tourists have the option to rent motorcycles in Thailand, Phuket included. Nonetheless, it is imperative to possess a valid driver’s license, and it is advisable to have some prior motorcycle riding experience.

While operating a scooter in Phuket, it’s crucial to adhere to traffic regulations, wear a helmet, and practice defensive driving. Stick to the left-hand side of the road, remain vigilant of other vehicles, and employ turn signals when needed.

Indeed, reputable scooter rental providers in Phuket include helmets as part of the rental package. Wearing a helmet is essential for safety and to comply with local regulations. However, it’s worth noting that there can be significant differences among companies in the quality and cleanliness of the provided helmets.